St. Benedict Rosary

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9 reviews for St. Benedict Rosary

  1. Joseph (verified owner)

    It’s indestructible, like my faith. I love it. It is perfect for my Catholic patients to use to pray.

  2. J.L.M. (verified owner)

    Super well crafted…the Benedictine medal is accurate. It’s nic and big and study…God Bless all Yall

  3. Tyler Crider (verified owner)

    Awesome quality. Great way to pray every day. Always the rosary to Jesus and our lady.

  4. Victoria (verified owner)

    This rosary is gorgeously detailed and very durable. It’s made with rope instead of chain so it lasts longer. So beautiful with the wood beads as well.

  5. Hemet Michael (verified owner)

    Perfect Rosary for my large arthritic hands, the beads are large, the cross is large and beautiful. Not to big just right. I just love it. I am returning another one I bought (from another store) that they claimed was large. Yes, the metal balls were a decent size but were tightly together which made the hard to feel. This one is made well and should last a long time. I highly recommend for men or women who suffer from arthritic hands. Note of information: a Rosary is not a necklace, it’s a sacramental, used for praying and meditating on the mysteries of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Sam W. (verified owner)

    I love the rosary it’s the first one I own and it’s beautiful. The material is not cheap. I feel like it’s going to last me my whole life. I would definitely buy it again to gift to someone.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is made in Italy and bears the initial of some of St. Benedict’s prayers. It is beautiful and came with a picture of his holiness Pope Francis, who may have even blessed it. I like it very much, and it was a good value.

  8. Sean (verified owner)

    It’s a really nice rosary, a great ‘man’ rosary. 🙂 Heavy feel, nice large beads, cord instead of chain is fantastic and has a totally different feel. Doesn’t tangle like the old chain styles do. Crucifix is really well done, traditional/contemporary at the same time. Love it, Great gift idea.

  9. Bibliophile131 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this rosary! It’s really a beautiful blue color in person. Largest rosary I have and I wasn’t sure I’d like that at first. But it’s become my daily rosary. Very comfortable beads and easy to keep track while praying.

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This Rosary is made in Italy and has been blessed by Pope Francis at the Vatican.

-Includes proof of blessing card and photo of Pope Francis

-Made in Italy

-Dimensions 21.5" (from the end of the cross to the middle of the 3rd decade, cross size 3" x 2", bead size 0.35" x 0.25"

-100% 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied - see our return policy