Dark Blue Crystal Rosary Beads

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These dark blue rosary beads are meticulously crafted and made of zinc and coated with silver.

-Metal crucifix with Madonna medallion in the middle

-Five decades rosary with 59 beads, perfect for praying the Rosary

-Rosary measures 21″, weighs 1 oz.

-Includes a lovely velvet bag

-100% 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied – see our return policy

9 reviews for Dark Blue Crystal Rosary Beads

  1. Suzy (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful rosary. The chain is sturdy, the crystals are a lovely deep blue. It has a nice weight to it which would be good for a man or woman. I like that the crucifix is stamped on the back with the word “Jerusalem” and that it contains soil form the Holy Land. Only one problem I found is that the silver color does not quite cover the entire crucifix in the back. It is spotty in places. This is one of the most beautiful rosaries I own. It is a beautiful bargain.

  2. Charlie Cruz (verified owner)

    The rosary is already a great price. It came in great condition and feels very nice. It has a nice weight to it and I love the blue beads. The crucifix feels very nice and heavy so not cheap like some other ones I have bought. I like the amount of detail on it too. I dislike the ones that have a poor picture or sculpt of Jesus, so I’m glad this one was really good. I completely recommend this place and I love how they care about whether or not you like the product. I had a great experience with these guys. The only thing I wish I saw was that they had a more masculine rosary, because I like to wear mine where ever I go in case I go to my local church for quiet time or just need to meditate or pray whenever the need be. Maybe I just wasn’t looking right, but I love it. I keep it on my bible that sits on my night stand.

  3. S.B. (verified owner)

    This rosary serves its purpose or prayerbeads…whichever you call them. Some use it as jewelry, to each his own. I really like these prayer beads. I like the weighty feeling of the beads. And the sil in back of the Blessed Mother with Baby Jesus. Just very comforting in private time. Very good purchase. I read a few reviews from others saying these beads are plastic. I do not believe that, if they are, they are too heavy and colors reflect in sunshine for that to be true. Do not know what others use them for but, but for me they are for prayers and reflection. Totally peaceful.

  4. Bud McKechnie (verified owner)

    I have a very bad time with most rosaries: either I lose them or they break. Perhaps the devil is behind it, not wanting me to pray. However this one is so pretty that I won’t lose it and so strong that it won’t break. Everything about it is solid. The beads are not round nor are they oval, they are perfect 16 sided little blue beads, so they shine in almost every light. The cross, medallion and the chain also are shiny. You will take good care of this rosary and won’t lose it, because it is so pretty. You will also pray on it. It comes in a beautiful velvet case. Being both beautiful and strong, it is ironically both the beauty in the beast, rolled into a prayer-assist. Get one.

  5. Holli (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful rosary. I purchased it for my granny. She was in the hospital and this brought her so much comfort!! She absolutely loved her rosary! It’s beautiful! Highly recommened!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great rosary. This is beautiful. Way better than I expected. The cross could be a bit nicer but still very nice. The beads are beautiful on it

  7. N. (verified owner)

    It’s a very pretty, good quality rosary. A lovely shade of blue, iridescent when light shines on it. It has a nice weight in your hand, not light, but not too heavy either. Good quality beads. Purchased as a first communion gift for a boy and he absolutely loved it.

  8. Wakey (verified owner)

    It personally has a deep meaning to me. It took an awful long time to get to me, but I love the beads.

  9. D. Thibbo (verified owner)

    Very nice, deep blue color is gorgeous…came on time. Would buy again.

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